• Much lighter in weight than steel reel spools, requires far less driving energy.

  • Carbon fiber housing allows faster critical speeds without increasing core size.

  • Run heavier roll weights without changing hoisting requirements. Load carrying is equal to or greater than steel.

HCRS-2000 Reel Spool Expanding Strip Shafts

  • Increase critical speeds and run heavier rolls without increasing core diameter.

  • Load capacity is equal or greater than steel; wind larger rolls while keeping hoisting requeriments the same.

  • Proprietary carbon fiber and aluminum construction yields unmatched strength to weight ratio at a low cost.

  • Convenient air operation with dual valve activation to guarantee roll security.

  • High quality materials for exceptional performance and low maintenance.

  • Reduced deflection and minimized vibration.

  • Dual valve activation for fail-safe operation.


Datasheet HCRS Reel Spool