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Duran Converting is structured to exceed the expectations of the customers, offering a complete line of products that includes core chucks, expanding shafts, composite cores, core plugs, rollers of aluminum, steel and carbon fiber, core cutters, roll movers, rewinding roll stands,... All the necessary accessories to fulfill a complete line of resources for our customers.

We have achieved a big reputation in the industries of the paper, film, laminating, etc., since our products are designed to solve the problems of the customers.

Duran Converting also offers personalized solutions when the products of standard type do not cover the needs of the customer.

Expanding Core Chucks

Expanding core chucks are used throughout the web converting and packaging industries to unwind and rewind web material. Core chucks usually expand to grip the inner diameter of a core to help control web tension. With a wide selection available, Double E offers the right core chuck for your web converting application.


Core Shaftseje expanisble para mandriles

Core shafts are used throughout the converting and packaging industries to unwind and rewind web material. Winding shafts usually expand to grip the inner diameter of a core to help control web tension.

Duran Converting offers the right core shaft for your converting application:

Unique Features of Double E Safety Chucks


Double E safety chucks only open in the upright position so roll security is guaranteed. Safety chucks close automatically if operator forgets to close them manually.


  • Jaw design compensates for shaft deflection; safety chuck does not bind.

  • Sliding action sharply reduces possibility of finger jamming.

  • Patented push button ensures roll security and operator safety.

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  • Patented circular engagement allows high torque while reducing noise and vibration.

  • Removable jaws extend safety chuck life; easy and inexpensive to replace.

  • Easy cross-reference for replacing existing safety chucks.





Design Possibilities / Accessories


Safety Chuck Sidelay Adjustment


Safety chucks can be flange-mounted or foot-mounted, fixed or with sidelay adjustment for accurate roll positioning.


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  • Horizontal range up to 2 2"(50 mm) o 4" (100 mm)

  • Easy handwheel operation.

  • Fixed drive shaft option.





Safety Chuck Swivel Base / Rotary Table


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  • Pivot chucks to correct baggy edges.





Air Operation Safety Chucks.

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  • Large piston works as a double-acting air cylinder to open and close the chucks.

  • Ideal when accessibility is difficult.





Safety Chuck Jaw Inserts / Shaft Engagements.

 Proprietary jaw inserts accommodate shaft deflection. Binding is not an issue with Double E safety chucks. Safety chuck jaw inserts can be a fixed piece of the chuck or a removable part.

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Square Turned 45° Jaw Inserts

Easiest for loading/unloading rolls.



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Patented Circular Jaw Inserts

Allow high torque transmission and high speed.

Minimize roll bounce, vibration, and rotational tapping noises.

Easy roll loading and unloading.

Removable Jaw Inserts, easy, inexpensive replacement.

Unlike tilting safety chucks, retains torque capacity of square jaw.


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Available Triangle insert




Safety Chuck Synopsis

Double E offers sliding safety chucks because they’re safer, easier to operate, and more rugged than tilting designs. The safety chuck slides open with a patented push–button mechanism, but only in the upright position, so roll security is guaranteed. The safety chuck closes automatically if operator forgets to close it manually. Safety chucks can be flange-mounted or foot-mounted, fixed or with sidelay adjustment.

Datasheet Safey Chucks 


Carbon Fiber Rollers

 Rodillos Duran Converting

Rodillos de fibra en Duran ConvertingCarbon fiber rollers (composite rollers) are designed for reduced weight and high critical speed.

Lightweight, low-inertia idler rollers allow faster web speeds, reduce vibration, decrease waste, and improve product quality.

This high-tech material offers clear benefits over traditional steel or aluminum shafts, including light weight, higher critical speed, reduced vibration, less deflection, and faster line speeds.

Similar benefits are evident when carbon fiber rollers replace traditional steel or aluminum rollers. With carbon fiber rollers in place, machines can run at faster speeds and the web is far less likely to drag and get damaged.

These improvements in shaft and roller performance directly affect productivity and increase machine throughput.

The working speeds are growing steadily and the machines for the converting of the plastic film have reached considerable widths; the resource of the rollers in carbon is therefore a necessity.

This is because the metal rollers are not in degree to maintain the speed-critical requested and may enter in vibration, when brewing hazardous destructive phenomena throughout the implant. The rollers for this machine have to be very rigid and lightweight and the critical speed of the roller, except specific cases of operation hyper-critical, will have to exceed the speed of exercise of at least 30 %.
The roller in carbon is extremely advantageous from lights of 2.5 m, and on tables of 5 m., arrives to weight values and critical speed unthinkable by other materials.

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The importance of idler rollers (idler rolls) with low rotational inertia Lightweight, high-stiffness carbon fiber rollers exhibit lower inertia to acceleration and deceleration (rotational or translational), and can run at higher speeds. Composite rollers reduce waste while increasing productivity and efficiency. Carbon fiber idler rollers provide better performance than traditional steel or aluminum rollers, particularly when wide web widths, heavy loads, and faster speeds are necessary. Consider this example where a 164 inch steel roller with an 11.25 inch O.D. was replaced with a carbon fiber roller with the same dimensions:







Carbon fiber rollers can be coated with most of the same materials that metal rollers can be coated with. Many standard coatings are available (shown below), but please ask if you want a specific type of coating.

Dura-Stat: STANDARD COATING. Wear resistant, conductive polyurethane which works to prevent buildup of static charge on rollers. Suits most idler roll applications. Economical, resistant to most chemicals and abrasion, repairable, and replaceable. Black in color with an appealing satin finish. Surface Finish: 32 µin Ra (0.8 µm Ra).

915D: : Thermal spray of nickel chrome with release provides wear resistance, traction and liberation, all in a single coating. This coating has given excellent results in many applications with web materials coated adhesive. The release agent of silicon in this coating prevents even aggressive adhesives is small. Finished the surface 215 µin Ra (5.5 µm Ra=; hardness Rc 58; Color: silver gray.

PC60331: Plasma spray of chromium oxide, offers a ceramic surface with a hardness of stone that has an extreme resistance to abrasive and chemical attack. This coating can be polished to approximately 10 µin Ra (0.3 µm Ra) when they go to work web sensitive materials. Standard of the finished surface: 61-300 µin Ra; Hardness Rc 60-70; Color: Black-dark-green.

Datasheet LS2000 Rollers






Duran Converting offers a complete range of high precision rollers in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

An extensive range of rollers for printing machines, for the processing of paper, plastic film, laminating and for any application of converting. Our roller can be supplied with any treatment of surface, as well as with the necessary coating.

Rodillos Duran Converting

The solid experience gained with the time, advanced technology combined with a high professionalism leads us making a high-quality product to both, manufacturers and end users. Rodillos
In a world that is increasingly more demanding and competitive, modern production equipment, process control and quality, ensure a high-level product at a low cost, adapted to satisfy the most varied requirements.


Thanks to the contribution and the stimulus determinant of customers, suppliers and collaborators, Duran Converting strives to offer customers a product and increasingly better service.

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