High-speed mechanical workings of extreme precision, principally upon aluminium, inox and steel.


Cylinders for each use, idler rollers, driven rollers, rollers smooth anodized or spiral, with or without axles and cooling radiator grille.

Finish with anodic oxidation, chromate, coating anti-adhesive, rubber linings or polyurethane.

Maximum dimensions of supply of cylinder 500 x 6,000 mm of table.

Standard Rollers


To improve the fastness of the delivery and the customer satisfaction, as alternative to the traditional project roller, we dispose of a range of rollers with length from 800mms to 2200mms and diameters from 80mms to 150mms with defined bearing housing.

This diversification permits to optimize the prices and the deliveries, maintaining the quality of the product.










Special Rollers










Thanks to our machinery and to our long date experience in the field, we are able to realise any kind of roller, following the characteristics indicated by the customer on the basis of a constructive drawing, either for the dimensions demanded and for any necessary treatment they may need.

Duran Converting supplies rollers with diameters from 20mms to 350mms and lengths until 6 mts.

Belong to this category the rollers which require particular workings such as rubbery, ceramic application, anodization, chrome plating, teflon coating, blasting.

We are also specialist in the construction of cooled rollers with and without internal liner.